There are no un-resourceful people, only un-resourceful states

We all know that we do our best work when in a specific mindset.  That’s obvious, but what’s less well known is how to ensure you stay in the best mindset, or when you’re in the wrong frame of mind, how to change that and rapidly.

Under the bonnet:  

Memories have emotions attached to them and emotions are attached to other memories.  When in a less than perfect state of mind you can recognise that you’re focusing on the emotions which take you to other memories and you can find yourself in a spiral.  We all do it sometimes.


What to do:

Reverse the process on purpose.   Let me show you with an example.  Don’t skim-read the words though - take your time and notice what happens.  Best results are achieved when someone guides you through it.

Remember now the last time you felt really confident…  

As you remember the event, you can notice many things that help you remember what you need to remember.  Notice where are you and who you are with.  Notice your clothes, the environment, the quality of your breathing.  Notice the pace and clarity of your speech.    

You can play the whole event like a movie in your mind.   Recall now what you were doing just before you felt your confidence build.  Bring the images into full clarity and play it out in your mind.  As you watch it unfold, you can notice what you do and how you do it, the responses you get and how it makes you feel.

Take a moment now to realise what just happened.


How did this little exercise work for you?